#236 - Black and White

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Re: #236 - Black and White

Post by mandyhull »

Thank you to all who entered, I have been overwhelmed with your images, they are all superb!

Eddie - Derwent Water : Lovely light, great contrast and detail. Good viewpoint too, leading your eye in to the scene.

Mike - Sleepy Eyed Gibbon : Great detail and texture - love the pose!

BydoR9 - Pushing Through : Great idea, a very imaginative, unique photo.

John - The Valleys : The houses in the foreground give great contrast with the trees behind, really brings out their detail.

Gwen - Fifty Sheds of Grey : Again, great contrast and detail, a good viewpoint together with a stormy looking sky.

Mel - Parliament Building, Budapest on the Danube : Lovely detail and the reflection on the water adds to the balance of the shot.

Sue - Graveyard : Nice angle, the trees and shadows add to the spooky feeling, complementing the gravestones.

Graham - Runcorn Bridge : Different viewpoint, nicely framed to include the statue looking towards the bridge.

Brian - Pier Train : Nice angle, good contrast and detail.

Daz - Zebra : Lovely shot and good detail.

Stu B - American Skin : Great detail, especially in the uniform.

Phil - Behind the Wire at Auschwitz - A different view, good detail of the wire without losing all of the background detail.

A very tough choice, but the winner for me is Gwen with her "Fifty Sheds of Grey" - you have really captured the detail in the wood, you can almost feel the texture! Also, a great viewpoint that leads your eye through the scene. Well done!
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Re: #236 - Black and White

Post by John »

Thanks mandy, very well done judging.

Congrats to Gwen, it's now up to you to lead us to our next task!
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