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Instructions for posting images

Post by John » Tue Aug 21, 2007 5:11 pm

Images can be posted in the forums using hot-linking. This means that the image must already be somewhere on the web - see our Links page for a selection of hosting services. To display best it is advised to ensure images are no wider than 700 pixels

First upload your image to your hosting service, such as Photobucket. Copy the Img URL, which on Photobucket is the last option in a short list of different URLs.

Now come to this forum and click in the message box so you get the flashing cursor. For some hosting services click the "Img" tag shown above the message box. Paste (Ctrl +V) the URL. Click the "Img*" tag again. This is simplified with Photobucket, and you only need to paste. Photobucket inserts the Img tags automatically - they are already included in the URL.

Continue with the text of the message and post when ready.

This will show the forum where to look for the image and it should be displayed.

Possible reasons for it not working are sites that do not allow hot-linking (such as ePHOTOzine) and browser settings, especially Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari appear to be OK.

Any questions or problems, please ask in the Site Issues section or e-mail me directly.


Just to add that this Youtube video shows how to link from Photobucket -
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