Events for September and October 2019

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John Hardman
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Events for September and October 2019

Post by John Hardman » Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:10 pm

26th September 19 – Tai Chohan

We all enjoyed Tai’s presentation to the club in February which was very interesting so I have invited him back the club for a presentation called ‘The Art of Zoo Photography’. Tai has asked me to share this with our members - I have attached my latest works on my blog here -

It would be great if we could circulate to the members so they know what to expect :-)

3rd October 19 – Len Hudson presents the ADAPS archive.

During this evenings presentation Len presents the ADAPS archive. This year Len agreed to take the responsibility of the role of ADAPS Archivist and he is keen to show us what the role entails and some of the works. As we have seen during two evening events the work done at Warrington to preserve the past it is so important that ADAPS does the same or better. We record a lot of history here and we need to keep it safe.

10th October 19 – Ladies versus Gents Competition

This is an opportunity to compete against each other. As usual the event will be judged by an external judge. Lesley will give us more information.

17th October 19 – Monthly Digital Competition

Lesley will give us more information

24th October 19 – Battle

Tonight the photo battle will be between Blackburn and ADAPS in our building. Keith will give us more information.

31st October 19 – AV night

This evening we will enjoy the work of members who have put together AVs. As usual we ask for AVs to be brought along to the club on the night or before if possible on USB sticks. Please ask John Riley if you are not sure. John normally ensures at least one AV off each member is shown in turn, but please bring more along and as we are never sure what time is available and if it possible to show more.

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Re: Events for September and October 2019

Post by BydoR9 » Thu Oct 03, 2019 12:55 pm

Can someone please confirm if the November competition (number 3) is for print and not digital - it's listed as print in the 'What's On?' section.

I was under the impression that the November competition would be for digital and the final print comp was going to be in the new year (2020) at some point.


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Re: Events for September and October 2019

Post by John » Sat Oct 05, 2019 6:30 pm

November Competition will indeed be digital - I'll correct the What's On page.
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